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Salisbury Diocese has special links with Sudan and South Sudan

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Published by the Sudans Committee of Salisbury Diocese

God our Father, whose son Jesus Christ wept over your people who knew not the way of peace, and were as sheep without a shepherd, hear our prayer for the people of the Sudans. Turn the hearts of their leaders to reconciliation and peace. Bless their Archbishops and clergy, that they may be true shepherds of your flock. Strengthen those who heal the wounded and feed the hungry. Hasten the time when all nations will own your just and gentle rule and receive your gift of peace, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Eyeopener Event Monday 25th April
You are invited to learn about “one of the best schools in one of the world’s poorest countries” on Monday 25th April, 7pm at St Francis Church, Salisbury. Come and hear the encouraging story of how the school has gone from strength to strength over the years with support from many in Salisbury Diocese. A flyer is enclosed with email copies of the Bulletin.


The reimposition of military rule under General Abdel Fattah has shut off aid support from most western countries. The General’s decision to endorse Russia’s action against Ukraine in the UN Security Council, and his agreement to provide docking facilities for the Russian Navy on the Red Sea near Port Sudan, have further reduced the likelihood of financial or aid support. With poor harvests, economic crisis and internal conflict, the future for people of all faiths in Sudan looks increasingly bleak. Protests in Khartoum continue, still with fatalities. The World Food Programme warns that more than 18 million people, almost half the population, may face acute hunger by this autumn.

Archbishop Ezekiel, who has led the Episcopal Church of Sudan since 2014 is expected to retire later this year.


Ethnic fighting continues in the Equatorias, Bahr el Ghazal and elsewhere.

The UN’s Human Rights Council has recently reported that the situation in the country remains ‘incredibly grave’ and that it had ‘reasonable grounds to believe that members of the Government of South Sudan have engaged in activities amounting to war crimes’ in the southwestern districts of Central Equatoria and Western Equatoria.

Many Deaneries and Churches in our Diocese have links to these areas.


Salisbury Diocese’s Bishop Elect, Stephen Lake, has expressed his commitment to our partnership. A series of briefings for him is underway ahead of the Lambeth Conference which he will be attending.

The Lambeth Conference organisers are concerned to ensure that visiting bishops’ participation in the Conference is not affected by COVID, and therefore don’t wish them to visit any UK partners before the Conference. We are now working on a plan for the bishops and spouses to come to Salisbury when the Conference ends on 8 August.

After a reception with a light meal, a tour of the Cathedral and Evensong, hosts will then take the bishops and their wives to their homes and any activities they have arranged until the 12 August. There are 62 dioceses in the Episcopal Church of South Sudan (plus 5 assistant bishops) and 5 dioceses in the Episcopal Church of Sudan. This is an exciting opportunity for us to grow closer in our partnership.

If you have not already put your name forward to host and you feel you could do so please contact [email protected]


Evidence, including photographs, has been received of our most recent deliveries of medical supplies to church clinics. Last year we supported 11 students on courses to become midwives, clinical officers or laboratory technicians. These are typically 3-year programmes; some students should qualify this year and a further 4 have just started. We are planning a partnership visit this autumn which will always be the best way of ensuring that your donations are spent wisely and effectively.

Members of the Medical Link Team would like to be informed of any events or activities taking place across the Diocese to enable them to support by attending or providing information.

Please contact Anne Salter (Volunteer Fundraising Coordinator for the Salisbury/Sudan Medical Link) by email [email protected] or phone 07985 509732.


On 21 May 22 to raise money for Sudan Medical Link. Choose to walk

26 miles (£29 registration fee with a minimum of £120 fundraising) or 13 miles (£29 registration fee with a minimum of £100 fundraising). You just need to bring yourself, your walking shoes/boots and a bottle of water. Everything else, including all your food for the day will be provided.

To book your place on the walk please use the relevant links below: Book Full 26 miles – Click here
Book Half 13 miles – Click here



Hard work continues to develop the University. Bishop Gwynne College (BGC) has now become the new ‘Episcopal University, Bishop Gwynne Campus, Juba’ with two faculties – theology and law. Dr Peter Ensor has been appointed temporarily as Dean of the Faculty of Theology, and Joseph Bilal has been appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance. The Government made converting BGC first a requirement of the University’s registration, but the intention remains that other colleges will join the dispersed university.

Thanks to support from American Friends of the Episcopal Church of the Sudans (AFRECS), a solar-powered water system is being built on the Rokon campus – a crucial first step in its construction.

We continue our annual support for ministry training and will send grants to Bishop Allison Theological College; Bishop Gwynne Theological College; Yeremiah Theological College and Shokai Bible Training Institute. In addition, Chaima Institute and Masumbu School, Ezo

Diocese will receive small grants this year.

ECSSSUP, the University’s support group in UK, is very blessed to have a small group of dedicated trustees, volunteers and advisors. But once again, partly due to some trustees having served their full term, they are on the lookout for people who would be interested in joining either as a trustee or as a volunteer – especially anyone with fundraising experience. If you know anyone who may be willing to serve in this way, please use the contact form on


Do you know anyone who would be able to take on editing and mailing the Bulletin 4 times a year, and possibly also updating the Sudans pages on the website? If you would like to know more please email [email protected] and we can arrange a chat.


If you belong to a prayer group, lead intercessions or include the Sudans in your personal prayers, you can find monthly prayer points on our website link/prayer


Leaflets, banners and display boards are available at Church House.

please contact [email protected] if you would like to use them for events


More people have started a regular bank donation which is a great help. On the website is a standing order form with the choice to support medical or general costs. Contact the


If have any queries about use of your data or wish to be removed from the mailing list please contact Anne Powell, Sudan Bulletin Editor, [email protected] Tel 01258 861397 

Sudans Link Treasurer, Church House, Crane Street, Salisbury, SP1 2QB or visit

Mother's Union and the Sudans

COVID affecting work of the MU Salisbury-Sudans Link

The impact of COVID-19 has hit charities especially hard. The Salisbury- Sudans Link is no exception and we desperately need your help to allow us to keep funding all the crucial work we support.

As well as your generous regular and individual donations, we are able to match this with successful fundraising events such as the Bishop’s Garden Party and the Chase Benefice Christmas Fair and from collections at ordinations and ministry licensing – Covid -19 prevented these opportunities.

As a result, with severely reduced funds, we have been unable to send all the grants and support that our sisters and brothers in the Sudans have come to rely on.

Would you be willing to help us make up the difference?

Even a slight in increase in your regular giving, or a commitment to give each month, would make a vast difference and help us support those who really need our help.

A meal out costs us about £20 per person, something we mostly haven’t been able enjoy in the past year, and which a Sudanese person will never enjoy. Could you donate the cost of a meal out monthly to support our work?

Or maybe you had planned a holiday or another event that got cancelled due to Covid and some those funds could go to saving a life in the Sudans?

The needs are so great in our partner churches and, although we always keep them in our prayers, our sisters and brothers in the world’s poorest countries ask why we have no money at all to spare to help them.


What can’t we do without your help…..

  • A £5,000 grant each year to four Theological Colleges, one of which is the only College in the world that teaches Christian ministry students in Arabic pays for staff. This year we had to halve our donation and probably their salaries as a result.

  • Every year we send consignments to primary healthcare medicines to church-run clinics in South Sudan. These enable the clinical officers and nurses to treat malaria, bacterial and parasitic infections, burns and wounds, and a range of other conditions and to alleviate pain. Medicines were sent in 2020, but we have had to tell the clinics that at present we cannot send any more consignments until we have the money to pay for them. Imagine the feelings of the clinic staff as they have to turn people away without treatment.

  • We pay training fees for clinical officers, nurses, midwives and technicians, adding to the workforce of professionals who can give high quality care to those suffering and to mothers giving birth. We have had to tell one College that we cannot pay the second-year fees for some of the students we agreed to sponsor, without those funds the students may not be able to complete their training.

    What we could do with your donation ……

  • Ensure the health professionals we train have the clinical resources to help their patients.

  • Help the churches in Sudan and South Sudan to produce more well- trained clergy to serve and lead their congregations.

  • Give grants where needed to improve the skills of teachers, provide basic facilities for schools and increase the number of children receiving education.

    More about our work

    Visit our webpages. Click The Sudans Link — Diocese of Salisbury ( or ‘Google’ Salisbury Sudan Link

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What regular giving has already allowed us to do ….

Lavina’s Story – Changing one person’s life can change many

Lavina received a bursary, one of a number awarded by the Headmaster to children from poor families in Juba. Her bursary was paid for through a donation by a doctor in the UK. She was a diligent student, passing her School Certificate with high grades and going on to study at university in Cairo, where she graduated in nursing. Following the death of her mother, Lavina returned to Juba to look after her family and to work at the Juba Medical Clinic, where currently some Covid-19 patients are being treated. Lavina volunteered to work for a Christian charity called ‘Samaritan’s Purse’ in a hospital in the north of South Sudan. Before leaving Juba to go there Lavina herself caught Covid-19. With the help of Samaritan’s Purse she recovered and duly went north to serve her Lord. Recently she has returned to a town near Juba to be closer to her family and is working for another charity called ‘HealthCare’ in the operating theatre of their hospital.


Help us now..

If you commit to a regular donation we can guarantee our help to those in need.

If you are willing to increase your giving then we can plan for future generosity and we won’t be reliant on good weather or good health to offer the opportunity for a fundraiser.

How to donate

Return the enclosed Standing Order form or any other cheque donations

to Sudan Link Treasurer, Church House, Crane Street, Salisbury, SP1 2QB. Explain whether it is for the ‘Sudans Link General Fund’ or ‘Sudans Medical Link’.

Donate online – Click this link: CAF Online and search for ‘Sudan Medical Link’ of the Salisbury Diocesan Board of Finance.

Via your online banking – Set up a standing order or donation using the details on the Standing order form. Then send your Gift Aid form by post to the Diocese.

Donate by post – Send your cheque to the Sudan Link Treasurer, Church House, Crane Street, Salisbury, SP1 2QB. Please say whether it is for the ‘Sudans Link General Fund’ or ‘Sudans Medical Link’. If you can Gift Aid


your donation please include the Gift Aid portion of the Standing Order Form.

Thank you – we can assure you that the Salisbury-Sudans Link Committee will use your donations where they are most needed, and ensure they are spent carefully and wisely.

DATA PROTECTION If have any queries about use of your data or wish to be removed from the mailing list please contact Anne Powell, Sudan Bulletin Editor, [email protected] Tel 01258 861397


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